Membership at The Havelock North Tennis Club.

Juniors: $100      Adults: $240 ($220 if paid by 31st October)     Couples: $400($380 if paid by 31st October) Family: $420 ($400 if paid by 31st October)

What does the yearly membership include? Junior, Adult, Family and Couples Memberships

-Gate code (9 courts. 8 astro 1 hard court)       -Term 1 and 4 (Junior Club Day) Saturday morning free coaching

-Access to play inter club(represent our club in a Havelock team and play other clubs)

-Club champs and tournament play                  – Club Newsletter

-Tennis NZ Ranking                            -Access to the club 7 days a week/ club rooms and facility 

-Coaching opportunities                   -Cheapest sport in town  -Family exercise and fun

-Senior Club Day (Tuesday 9am/Saturday 1pm)

We want to keep in touch with all of our members to keep you updated about events. If any of your details have changed eg. cellphone, email, address, please fill in the form (see attachment below) to accompany your payment.

If none of your details have changed, all you need to do is make the payment either by cash, cheque or directly to the bank account: Westpac Havelock North 03-0642-0733628-000.  Please put your NAME under Particulars and SUBS under Reference.NEW MEMBERS

If you are interested in becoming a member please don’t feel shy and contact a committee member by coming down to Club day on a Saturday at 1.30pm and talking to one of our committee members. 

We encourage you to use our pay2play booking system and come down to have a hit. Check and choose our venue. 

If you would like to join our club choose your subscription category from those listed above and deposit the funds into our bank account Account number detailed above.Then click on the REQUEST MEMBERSHIP button below